Biotest Tribex

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Biotest Tribex

Biotest Tribex
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Biotest Tribex
74 capules (37 x 2 capsule servings)
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Biotest Tribex Information

This product is unavailable or has been discontinued.

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Biotest Tribex Review

Customer rating:  (based on 3 reviews)
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Reviewer: H
Gave me more power in the gym. Also, seemed to make me want to train harder as well. maybe phychological but worked for me anyway. Definite increase in sex drive too, which is good!!!
Reviewer: Jim
Good strength gains from Tribex, though I was on a very good nutrition plan at the time too. hard to say but seemed to help anyway.
Reviewer: Ian B
Not that good and well over priced for what it does or does'nt do.
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