Maximuscle Cyclone Review

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Maximuscle Cyclone Review

Size: 1.22 kg (20 x 60g servings)
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Maximuscle Cyclone Review
We have 43 reviews for Maximuscle Cyclone. Add your own Maximuscle Cyclone review today. Maximuscle Cyclone is an all-in-one formula designed to help hard training individuals increase their strength and size, whilst improving their recovery rate. Buy Maximuscle Cyclone from our bodybuilding supplements store today.
Reviewer: Doodi
i use one cube and it does the work, gained muscle but gained belly as well, dont know the reason..

yes i recommend it :)
Reviewer: Cass
Definitely works but far, far too expensive. However, you can get EXACTLY the same results by using the cheaper alternatives - just shop around or visit forums for brands recommended by people for a fraction of the cost Maximuscle charge.

Three stars. There is absolutely no reason to charge so much.
Reviewer: An
I have been using this shake for about two years now for muscle maintenance. Its ok for those who just want a general strength and size boost. However, lately I have been training hard with kettlebells and heavy weight. I needed the extra energy... with that, I got a little crafty and added a pack of 2 minute quaker oats to the mix to slow absorbtion and stabilise my gut a bit as I was getting bloating and constipation. I no longer have that problem now. I use about 400ml of milk but sometimes water and let the oats soak for about 20 to 30 minutes, I then add two scoops of the powder and shake. I have to say, my recovery went from a week to two days in the space of a month. The shake tastes better with whole milk to say the least and I noticed my recovery is much quicker with milk. I do keep to a good diet though full balanced. The price is not too bad although I ususually buy when on half price. Although I was not focusing on size, I am alot bigger and my clothes have become much tighter all round, shirts and trowsers.
Reviewer: shomezlocc
this isnt worth the price, i am telling you from exprience:

tastes horrible

little or no results, just water retention giving the look not strength


it has creatine in this product, where creatine has to be taken with a high carboyhydrate drink to get the effectiveness but in this case they tell you to take it with water so that creatine is wasted.

ive done my research

buy optimum nutrition, good taste awesome results
Reviewer: Dan
It's a five star product with the 5 star price to match. I started out on this, then moved to USN alternatives, but I quickly went back on Cyclone as it was superior to anything else. My wallet hates me, but it's worth the extra money in my opinion. A bit of advice for people worried about the financial side of cyclone:

>take 2 scoops ONLY on a training day. Then either take 1 at breakfast or nonr at all, and simply use a much cheaper 100% whey protein instead on rest days
Reviewer: helmet1966
This product is expensive but it is good for muscle tone definition and after workout fuel intake... Really noticeable muscle growth but a balance diet is essential which I find hard to do, but I think the product makes up for alot of that for you... I have noticed from previous products that it deffinatley works but it is up to the workout aswell I would say take 3 drinks dailey but it can supress alot of appetite so depending on your workout.
Reviewer: rob
expensive but worth it
Reviewer: Big Boy
It's the dog's. Train hard and use the shake, none of them will taste nice but what does that's good for you?
Reviewer: skinny boy
I've just purchased a big tub of this stuff! I was using the Holland and Barrett's brand (which tasted fantastic)... however this one (strawberry) is disgusting! Its horrendous! Maybe because I mixed with water, but will be doing so with milk.

Only advice is to stay committed and not expect miracles overnight. I'm on a weight gain plan and have been eating like a pig (was advised to take in 8000-10000 calories 0_o. 2 - 3 shakes a day plus carbs, protein and fats! Lovely! Workout 3 -4 times a week, less on the cardio as I don't want to burn the calories. Remember when going to the gym minimum reps maximum weights!

Good luck!
Reviewer: Dee Jay
I think its spot on, but I messed up, continued a poor diet and put on size all over, but also in the wrong area (the gut) I've since then cut right down and started all over again and it's the dogs. Definite increase in power and energy, but a good diet is a must! Price is fine, all supps are similar prices! Taste: they all taste nasty, growl after you drink it. Oh by the way I only do 1 a day, hour before I train, you don't get all the water retention.
Reviewer: paul417
I have been using Cyclone for 5 months now, 1 shake every morning, one after each weights session(4 a week). For the first couple of months I saw decent gain in size and definition- I guess a combination of cyclone, and working harder to justify paying for it!

One improvement is without doubt for me- it has given me more energy, and reduced recovery time.I now need to fine tune my diet to see further improvements.

Don't buy orange, it's like drinking a crushed-up tablet. Choc mint is ok, raspberry ripple was the best. If the price goes up any more Maximuscle, I will be switching brands!
Reviewer: Jimbo
Wow. I'm now huge... Great product and the flavour isn't as bad as everyone says. Been using it for a year and now loving my body. You have to pay big to get the best results! :)
Reviewer: Banimo
I've been using it for just over a month and have definitely seen muscle gain, it's slightly less than I expected and I've heard people talking that cyclone is all about water retention, giving the impression of bigger size but muscle is all a bit soft, so would recommend a good diet plan when using it as well.
Reviewer: big dug
ive been using usn for months and seen some good results.
now using cyclone for three weeks now and what a difference in that three weeks.a wee bit expensive but you only get what you pay for....

remember folks when going up the gym dont just lift the weights.....attack them....

Reviewer: Marios
I find that i have lots more energy. I noticed the effect almost immediately and seeing some results.

its too expensive. if you take as directed a 1.2kg tub will last JUST 10 DAYS, which is ridiculous.

so i dont know if it's sustainable.

I will have to find a cheaper alternative.
Reviewer: extreme ?
I love this stuff excellent my friend and I started out on it and what results we had, stuck to my diet and trained regulary, had an excellent result in 2-3 weeks!!! Recommend 100%
Reviewer: Beastmaster 3000
In a nutshell this is a truly formidable product. I am new to the bodybuilding game but already see impressive results after just two weeks!
Reviewer: BiggestBoy
Maximuscle Cyclone gives the illusion of gaining weight due to water retention, but in reality this all goes away when cycling off creatine. There are much better all in one supplements out there, maximuscle is what everyone buys when they have no knowledge of supplements
Reviewer: Jnr Mike Tyson
Maximuscle cyclone is the greatest protein/creatine shakes out there! ive been using it for 3 months, my bodys all toned up, im still using it, and i recommened it to everybody, the price is an issue but my dad buys me them so im lucky haha!
i wouldnt use the other crapy shakes.. this is the best by a mile.
Reviewer: Percy
cyclone is a brilliant product, if used right!!!! those of u who are not seeing results after a few months are either not taking the stuff or not training properly,,, end of. i have put on about 15 lb in the last 3 months while my body fat has gone down by just adding 2 shakes a day and a tin of tuna a day. best all in one i have ever used, FACT. i would recommend it to anyone lookin to add muscle an lose fat if they have got a good workout and meal plan. ignore the nonses who say it does work because it does, just try it an you will see.
Reviewer: Gymblaster
Great product. Notice increased muscle size and definition within 3 weeks. Have also gained significantly in strength. A bit on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for. If you want quality, you gotta pay for it!
Reviewer: Kerry
I am an elite American pentathlete and have been using product for 7 months. Guys and girls, it really works!!! I am stronger, bigger and in very good condition. Five stars - am in the best shape of my life! USATF member
Reviewer: Harry
I was on the cyclone for around two months, and although I did see improvement in my size, alot of it for me was just water retention, so although I looked bigger my body had a sponge feel to it. SO BE WARNED if you are thinking of using cyclone you really have to take into account your diet plan and are killing it in the gym. I had to seriously reduce calories to see real results. I think CNP PROPEPTIDE is better suited for people like me only training 4 times a week.
Reviewer: AT
cyclone is brilliant!!! i've been using it for a month now and have seen some serious gains in muscle size and strength..but a good workout plan and diet is necessary!
Reviewer: JR
I'm somewhat torn between 3 & 4 stars. I'd give 3 stars because of it being so costly! At the end of the day their are other supplements that's capable of doing the same thing but we're just paying for the brand. However, it is a 4-star product because I did notice changes in my body tone and muscle form. Overall, it does the job, just a shame about the high price.
Reviewer: on a budget
Strawberry tastes quite nice and an okay after taste. The problem with this product is it costs to much for what it is especially sinse the recomemded use is 2 servings a day. I think someone that is willing to spend that much money on a supplement will see some good results however if you dont want to spend £30.00 a week roughly its not the product for you.
Reviewer: muscley
I have been using cyclon for a month, dont know what everyone is getting crazy over.. Have not noticed any difference in strenth and my size is not different either... I think its too expensive and does not keep its promises..
Reviewer: Chris Day
Hey guys i have tried a few types of shakes but nothing give results like this.
I was already in shape before i started to take Cyclone, and when i threw in 3 scoops a day within my workout i noticed a big gain in 7 days, this is due to the muscle retaining water through creatine. yes guys their is a product out there that works. ill give 4 stars because of the high price tag!
Reviewer: rodney
iv put on 15 ponud in 7weeks stuffs good but u need a good training program.
Reviewer: chris.v
i used this product for nearly 2 months bout 6 months ago, i have tried loads of different suplements and seen ok gains but nothing like i got from cyclone, if you eat correctly and train hard you will see massive gains, i put on over half a stone of pure muscle mass as well as losing sum body fat!I stopped after 2 months because i didnt want to get any bigger. People close to me even thought i was taking some type of steroid to gain the way i did! amazing product but its so damn expensive to use month after month. i recomend to anyone looking to pack on muscle quick and easy! get a months worth and see for yourself, what have you got to lose? chocolate is the best tasting but still not too great!
Reviewer: BigBoy
I first used cyclone when i was 18 and first started training.. i was scrawny and weak and just got a home gym and a tub of this stuff. When i saw it advertised and read the claims of noticing the difference within a week i was like "yeaahh suuuure" but F***! they are indeed right. After just 5 or 6 weeks of training my friends were amazed at how big id gotten, and my diet was pretty shocking..i put most of my results down to cyclone, it really is an amazing product.. maybe some day, when im a millionaire i'll be able to afford to buy it again hahaha
Reviewer: Mr muscle
Top product. Lean muscle mass and strength gains in 2 weeks using 250 ml of semi skimmed milk and 1 scoop of cyclone twice a day. One in morning and one after training.

Eventually got used to taste prefer the choc one. Price is spot on if you consider that your no longer buying individual supplements.
Reviewer: Adski
ive only been using cyclone for 8 days but i can honestly say ive seen improvements, nothing crazy but definitley making progress. My workouts are a little more intense, also a little longer. My bench has increased by 4 KG (in a week). The vanilla tasted pretty bad at first but i actually enjoy the taste now. (if it tastes bad add a little less water) mixes well. Overall i gotta say im impressed.
Reviewer: Freaky mass
All in one shakes are much easier to manage than seperate suppliments. However there are better out there than Cyclone. It is expensive and the taste becomes unbearable. Those of you who have had a tub of the orange know what I am talking about. Time spent starting at the shaker wondering if you can actually chug down any more!!!! Decent all in one but Maximuscle need to make improvements.
Reviewer: Warren
iv also only been using for 2 weeks have seen a big diffrence in my appearance and my performence.

the taste is not great i have strawberry, and it can be a struggle to drink it when your abit tired haha.

iv been using it everyday 2 times a day,

does anyone no if you can cut that down as it will get pricey lol.

Reviewer: BD113
Good product: gains in muscle and strength are impressive. Put on 4 kg after the first tub in combination with a high intensity program and strict diet. Taste is terrible, especially orange. The conveniences of an 'all in one' shake are evident however the quality of the 'biomax' Whey and Creatine im the product is to the best of my knowlage unknown. Therefore I will not be using this product anymore and will buy all the ingredients seperately.

Three stars. Would have been four if the flavour was better.
Reviewer: pd
very good works well, easy mixer, good results, have used cyclone for months and will continue, good value for money
Reviewer: j
very good. but only for the rich. way too expencive.
thats y i gave it 3 stars.
Reviewer: Abbey
I have been using for 2 weeks and i find it very helpful.
I will continue to use it.
Reviewer: Taffy1983
I have tried a number of Maximuscle products and have never been dissapointed. Cyclone is by far the best 'all in one' I have tried so far. No need for a shelf load of pills & potions it's all there in two scoops! Excellent product.
Reviewer: JT
Been using Cyclone for 3 months and have already put on 12lb. i hope it's all muscle!
Reviewer: Frank
Maximuscle cyclone is an ideal product for me. it contains creatine, protein and glutamine. i find it much better to take these in one go rather than taking loads of different supplements. I havent' been training long but my results seem to be improving all the time.
Reviewer: Supersize Me
Was using a straight protein powder with some gains before Cyclone, but after I switched I saw a real big difference in my performance.

I've put on a lot of size and know that the claims Maximuscle make about this product are true. But it's a much more expensive product than some of the others available (it's only a 2lb tub). The Chocolate one doesn't taste too great either :(

Good quality if it's within your price range. For me, only 4 stars because of the price.
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