Maximuscle Promax Lean Review

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Maximuscle Promax Lean Review

Promax Lean
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Maximuscle Promax Lean Review
We have 42 reviews for Maximuscle Promax Lean. Add your own Maximuscle Promax Lean review today. Maximuscle Promax Diet is a unique meal replacement, designed for weight conscious customers looking for high quality nutrition to support their weight loss goals. Buy Maximuscle Promax Lean from our bodybuilding supplements store today.
Reviewer: 2scoops
Bought the strawberry flavour. Tastes not to bad but takes a lot of mixing.
I have one in the morning mixed in with my oats.
Then I`ll have one straight after training. Fulfils my appetite and meets my macros.
Not a bad product at all considering the other ones on the market. just a bit costly and doesn`t last me that long. Will buy another one though.
Reviewer: maxisickyfeeling
Bought this on offer as a meal replacement aid to lose weight. Choc flavour mixes very easily with water and tastes ok. Struggling with the overwhelming nauseous feeling after about 30 mins of drinking shake so much that I actually wanted to eat!!Tried it twice now and felt same both times -going for a third time lucky, as for some it certainly seems to work.
Reviewer: loulabell
First day of promax lean today! I cycle for two to three hours a week and do aqua aerobics. Eat a healthily balanced diet and seemed to have just come to a stand still with losing weight. Hope this stuff works! Will keep you posted. My stars are for the taste lol
Reviewer: WitchyM
I am female. I have been a fan of Maximuscle for many years. I always use heavy weights. I let myself go for 10 months and started training again, I thought I would try a different product and see what happens. Unfortunately this particular product hurts my stomach 10-15 minutes after drinking it, I feel completely nauseous and get a heavy sensation like I want to throw up. I have tried to stick with it but just stomach it any longer. It's a shame considering what I paid for it and that it is half full. Just not for me........
Reviewer: Kev Colt
I have been using it for nearly 5 weeks now just the shake. when i began i was 19 st flat now i'm 17 st 8 lbs and a lot toner. I go to the gym six days a week but only 45 mins a day 3 HIIT (cardio) and three weights training. I have it for my breakfast and immediately after my work out. I have completely changed my diet but i am still eating every 2-3 hours and I'm never hungry and haven't felt this good in a long time; i highly recommend.
Reviewer: Greenfield
Mum of 4 went to 20st hated myself, used maximuscle shakes and loads cycling and lost 6st but over 2years , as stop and started, didn't put any weight on until after this last Xmas between jan 2013 and now march. I feel bloated, sluggish sleepy and know from my past usage of the shake it makes me feel better and revitalised. so I am now 15.5lb march 20th gonna go back on the shake and kick myself up the butt
I am determined to make 10 stone by next sept 2013.
Be good to have the shakes in pre made cans like slim fast , which has to be said dont bother with if you want to lose serious lb age! And if they could be priced more reasonably .. The person that said in the scheme of it they are cheap as you shouldn't be eating or drinking rubbish is true but still in this climate it's expensive.
Il update again end April but I know this product works its me that got to stick to it........
Reviewer: Oliver
Used this after my Afghan tour,usually very active but been a combat role I wasn't in the gym for almost six months,eating high carb diets to keep me going. After about a month,I'm feeling good and more importantly looking good again. Taste...well,just hold your nose and stop moaning about it,as for the price,you'd spend more than this on beer in a night at the stop moaning! All round good product!
Reviewer: haggis
i have been using promax maximuscle shake for 2 weeks now and cut all junk food out of my diet i also have started doing 100 sit ups 75 bicep curls and 100 press ups a night mixed with cardio such as a 4 mile bike ride or 30 mins on rowing machine twice a week and i can see a massive difference already i have gone from 16.7st to 15.5st, i drink 1 shake at 07.00am and then another shake at 18.30 after a workout, would defo recomend but it is exspensive
Reviewer: Cambo
I'm 18 and have been using Promax diet for 9 weeks now. At the start I was 180cm and 12st 7 (80kg.) I've now dropped to 11st 8 having drank one shake after for breakfast after an early morning Cardio session. I then have another whey shake after an afternoon weights session. I feel more toned and just better alround generally. My diet isn't brilliant but I try to avoid junk food, normally stick to around 1800 cals a day. It's good and tastes okay, pricey though.
Reviewer: Angeal F
I have started taking it for my breakfast for 3 days and on day 3 I was very sick. I broke out with sores all over my mouth. I would not advise using this product.

Reviewer: curry pot
I have used 1 tub in 4 weeks and lost 15 pounds!! on a strict low carb diet with the odd carb fest (to stop starvation mode). do 1 or 2 x Hiit each week and 3 in the gym(to failure). the stuff does work!!got second coming today today. started 15.13 now 14.13. the tyre is on its way out.
Reviewer: Beejay
Im 23 years old, am 183 cm and was about 90kg when I started hitting the gym to get some excess fat off. I work out 5 days a week lifting heavy with high intensity cardio, I eat wholegrains for breakfast with lots of fruit and vegetables over the day, along with lots of water (4-5 liters per day). Dinner is often some lean meat like turkey, chicken etc.

Without any supplements I would've lost lots of fat of course, since I train hard and eat smart. But without the Maximuscle Promax Diet I wouldn't have been able to keep as much muscle while burning all that fat.

The Maximuscle thermobol tablets have also most likely been helping with my fat burning, since I've been losing fat very rapidly but not too fast, just very controlled.

As of today, 5 months later, I am now 85kg and packing much more muscle, so I would estimate my fatloss was around 8-9kg and muscle gains around 5-6kg.

This stuff is pricey, yes... but I believe its a solid product. 4,5 stars.
Reviewer: jack
I have been using it for 2 mouths i started off at 20 stone i am now 15 stone i have lost 5 stone in 2 mouth this stuff works u have to put the effort in you cant just drink it and think your going to lose waight it dont work like that if you have a good diet and do a lot of exercise you will fill the difference i am so proud of my self and so is my girlfreind and family if you lisen to people saying that it is not working then they are not doing it right or not exerciseing just rolling the diet on this page but i dident eat carbs all i had was a shake for breakfast and then 1 hour on punch bag and a shake for lunch and then i go 2 the gym then come home and eat i peice of fish normerly cod and 2 cups of peas or sweetcorn and for a snack in the day i have 2 apples and if you buy grapes and put them in the frezzer and eat them as a snack they are lush but buy red or puple you must drick a lot of water to i hope this helps people.
Reviewer: curry pot
day 2 and not seen a difference(didnt expect so soon anyway). Im 100kg and 6 foot. i have a tyre and im trying to get rid. will let you guys know how i get on.

3 times in the Gym (garage) lift to failure (all sets)1 or 2 days HIIT (30 mins=2.5 miles). Wish me luck.
Reviewer: barracudaBanford
I am a kickboxer and mma fighter and needed to shift around 10kg in a month.
My workout regime was:
Banana before a 2 mile run then a shake
MMA training for 1-2 hours followed by a shake
Lean meat and Veg

That was my regime for the month everyday, in the first two week's I dropped from 76kg to 70kg, followed by a further 4kg in the following two.
This product is amazing and I strongly recommend it, helped me get ready for fight and stay strong!
Reviewer: Welshy
Been Using Pro Diet for little more than a week and this is amazing, I have lost just under a stone ALREADY! as previously sed use this as a meal replacement for best effects. I have a shake with breakfast then Workout every morning followed by half an hour on a punch bag and the results are amazing. one side effect (not sure if its the shake or the workout) but i seem to be drinking alot of water which is a GREAT bonus but anoying :) Highly recommend to anyone but its not a miracle cure you have to work for the results this just gives you a kick up the backside
Reviewer: Don
I have been using Promax diet as a meal replacement since start of September 2011. In 3 Months I have lost 2 stones, which is incredible. I would like to lose another 4 stones. I 18st and now I am 16st, ideally I would like to be around 12-13 stones.
Reviewer: ChunkyLove
Hi I have been taking this for about 3 weeks now and have noticed that I am losing the weight. I must admit I have not really been sticking to a proper food regime. I will now take heed on this so that I can see more positive results as this Supplement is very expensive.

I will keep you all posted. ChunkyLove xx
Reviewer: Cooper
Hi ive been using promax diet for over a week now, not really noticed anything different in my shape or my weight to be honest. Feel more bloated but im going to stick with it and see what happens. The chocolate flavour is really nice and goes down a treat in the morning as my replacement breakfast.
Keep you updated! x
Reviewer: Tinders
Been using this product for 3 days in an effort to finally get rid of my excess fat around the mid riff. I brought the banana flavour and it tastes really nice. Been taking it at breakfast with bran and a piece of fruit then after exercise. Have a balanced meal in the evening and am not skipping lunch but sticking to salad and tuna etc, no bread! Had no problems with hunger pangs and feel full of energy, so can work out every day. Hope to start seeing the benefits soon
Reviewer: jstar
seems like a good product, i'm 15 stone with a quite natural muscley build, been weight lifting for about 5 months now about 5-6 days a week, though I have been building noticable muscle I still have had the problem of shifting excess weight to really look ripped and deffined (alot to do with a mixture of bad eating habbits) i have been using this for about a day (had one for dinner after working out, one for breakfast) and beleive it or not i can already feel a diffrence! feel realy energised and just want to get home and work out, only downfull I am STARVING!! second day doing this so I am bound to feel like this, i've got high hopes for this product, it is just WAAAAAYYYYY to expensive!! giving 3 stars because of the price and also i am only on the second day, will be back in a couple weeks
Reviewer: Pops
Been taking for about 6 months and love the stuff.

I've been training for years, not trying to get fit, just trying to keep my lifestyle off me!

I started having 1 shake as a mid morning snack and the other after I trained at lunch and using Thermobol, and I didn't really see much difference. Thermobol kept me up and I wasn't shifting the excess. About 4 months ago I started having a shake for breakfast with oats then my second after I trained, and for me this is the magic formula. I haven't weighed my self in ages, but everywhere is more defined, and I'm lifting heavier than ever.

I would recommend the vanilla over the strawberry, as it tastes nicer for breakfast, and use a shaker.

Oh - I've just got back from a week snowboarding and Promax kept me going, I would have been in pieces without it. It really helps with your recovery.

Right off of the gym....

Hope this review helps
Reviewer: Nick
Been using promax diet for 2 days feel really energetic and want to train train and train lol. Will be posting back letting you know how much I lose by next week. Sounds good by the reviews I have heard about.
Reviewer: MuscleSprout
Promax diet is another great product by maximuscle. I personally recommend for maximum (weight loss) results to use the shake as a meal replacement after your workout. Breakfast should be a banana or maybe oat porridge. Strength training mixed with high intensity cardio for at least an hour should be followed by a shake. Chicken or fish served with broccoli for dinner and drinking only water at least 2 litres (if not more) and results will amaze you!

Cons: very pricey
Beware: is not a magic weight loss solution
Pro: great quality protein
Experience: went from 20 stone to 17.5 stone since new year (all fat no muscle)
Reviewer: bluebird
Been taking for 3 days now, I take in between meals and im not snacking so its working, going back to gym so hopefully will finally get a six pack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: Sub
I've been using promax diet for about 2 months now and am really pleased with the results Ive achieved. I feel much more energetic and have built a lot of lean muscle. I was always slim however still had body fat which needed carving and this really helped me do so. Previously hated going gym and working out but Promax diet has really helped me motivate myself and I really enjoy working out now and pushing myself harder as time goes by. Would recommend to anyone
Reviewer: Potman
This stuff works just dont take it with GRENADE, as it will have a very bad side effect.
Reviewer: Raj
I am on my first day of the Promax diet shake Banana flavour twice a day it does taste great, Started the gym and boxercise classes. My weight is just over 14 stones. I have set my self a goal to lose 1 stone in 7 weeks. I hope this works. Will keep you updated in 2 weeks time. Good luck everyone - Have the can do attitude & we all be winners.
Reviewer: louisamc107
5 days ago I had vaser lipo on my lower and upper abs. The surgeon recommended I began drinking protein shakes as part of my recovery and stay away from carbs. I decided on promax diet as my shake supplement. I'm unable to excersise for the time being but can honestly say I can see a diiference already with the WHOLE of my body. My arms are already looking more defined and i can see the weight loss already. I'm not hungry and i feel energised. I will definately continue and can't wait to start excersising again to start seeing the full results.....wish i'd tried it earlier.
Reviewer: LEO1974
Brills is working fab for me i dont take thermobol just have a shake for breakfast and lunchtime and i drink about 2 to 3 litres of pure water is cheap to buy and when it comes to the cost who cares as long my health gets better thats more important i think but just for you guys i love this product and when i first started promax diet i weight 21st and now after 6 months 17st 5 i'm happy i'v got about 2st left to lose i realise that you got to stick to it if you do stick you will feel fab in no time trust me. GOOD LUCK GUYS
Reviewer: Avatar
Hi, iv been using the promaxs diet for a month now and can easily say that the stuff works. As long as it's followed by a sensible diet and exercise program. After the first 10 days I could see and feel the difference, and once u start noticing it, it motivates you even more. I usually take one after my workout and then one as a meal replacement, usually for lunch. My original weight was 105kg and know a month later I'm 98kg and with alot more muscle and definition. The only downside I found was the cost of the stuff, and as I'm still a student it takes a hefty toll. However compared to the amount of money I used to spend on junk food it does tend to balance it out.
Reviewer: Switchy
strawberry tastes okay, nothing compared to a big mac tho!! using this twice daily for breakfast and lunch is hard but it does bring results. Ive tried various products which have been rated well but find this one to be the best, price abit much but how much do you spend on breakfast and lunch anyway a month! giving it 4 as im sure the taste could be improved!!!
Reviewer: danny boy
i`ve been using promax diet for 2weeks and will defo say its working brill. i have lost half a stone and with weight training twice a week and 3, 1 hour long sessions of cardio a week have bulked up already. highly recommend this product! only downfall is massive amounts of wind! lol!
Reviewer: macca
Lets get this straight. Maximuscle products taste horrid & are pretty expensive. But if used correctly they work brilliantly & really does do what it says on the label. Tried many other well known & expensive brands but nothing results wise has matched upto maximuscles range of products. I for one just hope they can at least improve the taste?
Reviewer: maxiheadache
i am an average guy, about 1 stone to lose...

using alongside thermobol

been using for 3 days now

tastes horrible
smells horrible
feeling light headed and weak
dreading taking the next shake
constantly hungry...

was weighing 87kg at start (monday) - will update on friday... and the following friday to give you an idea of weight loss...

thus far: STARVING!
Reviewer: juicy lucy
I've been using Promax Diet for a while now, along with sensible eating (although I do have the occasional treat) cardio work and resistance training...the results have been superb...I am losing weight at a healthy 2lb's per week, as well as building muscle, toning and firming and changing the shape of my body.
I have my shake at lunch and honestly dont feel hungry until 6pm ish, I sometimes feel a little light-headed in the afternoon if I have had a hard workout but this is easily helped by a healthy snack...I must admit the strawberry flavour wasnt that nice...but the chocolate is actually delicious!
I dont have that much weight to lose but I will continue to use this product as it really helps build my muscles and gives me loads of energy!!
Reviewer: Ian
I have been using Promax diet for a few days now and can already feel the results. I've been having it for breakfast and lunch with a Promax diet bar as a snack inbetween. I have no problems with the taste (strawberry). So far I cannot fault the product in the slightest and would definitely recommend it if you are looking to lose some weight.
Reviewer: bigfella
Pro max diet is a supplement for in-between meals. This stops sugar levels dropping which keeps blood glucose levels and metabolism working at the optimal rate for fat loss. Only take it twice a day- not as your main source of protein or fibre. It works though and with Thermobol usage as well the weight does come off! I've lost 6 pounds in one week using it as well as eating a sensible diet and a little cardio.
Reviewer: anon
well i am using the promax diet shake and have been for about 3 weeks although it tastes horrible (vanilla by the way) it is very good and i would recomend it to any one who wants to give it a go a soon as u take one you dont even think of food and it sufficiently fills you up for at least 2hours no bother.very good just dont buy vanilla its horrid!!
Reviewer: Adam
I have only been using the Promax Diet for 3 days and have lost 4lbs already, cant wait until I finish the 10 day supply to see how much more I can lose and burn off with exercise. I have also been taking Maximuscle Thermobol on an empty stomach before drinking the shake, seems to be working really well alongside the promax diet. Really tempted to buy more, but will wait until the 10 days to see where I am. Feeling fit, healthy and now excited :-)
Reviewer: Groz
After 3 day's usage I'm finding it very hard... I am a landscape gardener so I have a physical job and I'm a 4/5 times a week gym user, I need to lose about 3/4 of a stone to be in pristine condition...
I am struggling with the hunger fact and I'm feeling weak alot of the time, however I am losing weight rapidly... I will finish the plan and let you know the end result... So I'll start with a 3 star rating as I am having teething problems...
Reviewer: Mary Quinn
I am using promax diet, thermobol, and the promax diet bars. it has really helped me get my nutrition back on track. i have loads of energy and enjoy training again. thanks.
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