Sci-Mx Lean Grow MRF Review

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Sci-Mx Lean Grow MRF Review

Lean Grow MRF
Size: 5kg (45 x 110g servings)
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Sci-Mx Lean Grow MRF Review
We have 9 reviews for Sci-Mx Lean Grow MRF. Add your own Sci-Mx Lean Grow MRF review today. Sci-Mx Lean Grow MRF is a high protein meal replacement formulated to build lean, hard muscle. Lean Grow MRF contains an ideal ratio of protein to carbs for lean muscle gain. Buy Sci-Mx Lean Grow MRF from our bodybuilding supplements store today.
Reviewer: Si
So far so good. If you are the type of person who does weight training to support other activities such as endurance exercise (running, cycling etc) and you need additonal calories then this is a nice balance of protein and carbohydrate, the vitamins and amino acids are also a useful addition. I've found that taken post workout/post ride/post run it can help put some nutrients back into your body and support recovery while staving off the fatigued and hungry feeling. Chocolate flavour tastes pretty good; I've found it sits nicely and it hasn't given me any issues such as bloating or unsettled digestion. I'm going to give the Sci-Mx Whey Protein a try now having found a positive result so far with the MRF.
Reviewer: james g
Hi ive just started on this product today, it tastes great and go's down really well, had my first gym seshion with it and i must admit i felt i was able to increase my level of work ability in the gym, but what would you guys recommend is the best times to take this shake and do you guys use it as a meal replacement or just have it before meals?
Reviewer: assasin
This stuff is amazing....and affordable too with satisfactory results..what else you want....?
Reviewer: Kingmaitland
I was sceptical at first given my inexperience with protein powders, however I purchased my first tub a while back due to good reviews. This stuff really works, I was amazed at what a difference it made to my recovery time after sessions and how much more I was able to do during workouts. I've always been interested in performance before looking good when I work out and this has not only increased my performance, but I'm actually starting to look muscular as well. Tastes great too.
Reviewer: rossco
Really good product love all the flavours, and bulks you up rapidly, really well priced as well. I've seen a difference in 2 weeks with the stuff, 10 out of 10 from me.
Reviewer: Chiefa
this stuff really is amazing tones you up so well defines you and most of all keeps you lasting long in the gym. it lasts 3-4 months depending on how many times u go to gym a week. ive had so many tubs now chocolate and strawberry are nice. just bought vanilla today i hope its nice.
Reviewer: louis G
I love this stuff its amazing used after my op 3weeks on this stuff n i was bulking up rapidly
taste is amazing
get the 5kg tub once u finish it you will see a diffrence

i still use this product and im massive muscles every were i look
Reviewer: Stu
Delicious.....easy to drink and maintains growth. What more do you want?
Reviewer: mass monster
this product is AMAZING.
Tried it for 1 week and im getting bulkier,fitter,stronger
the taste is AMAZING aswell, very desirable and easy to take down.
The tub was so heavy i couldnt even carry it up the stairs
5 stars
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