USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic 4kg Review

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USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic 4kg Review

Muscle Fuel Anabolic 4kg
Size: 4.0kg (26 x 150g servings)
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USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic 4kg Review
We have 103 reviews for USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic 4kg. Add your own USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic 4kg review today. USN Muscle fuel Anabolic is a scientifically engineered lean muscle catalyst for quality gains in size and strength. Muscle Fuel Anabolic has been engineered by a passionate team of scientists with their focus on extreme muscle growth, strength and muscle recovery in the shortest possible time. Buy USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic 4kg from our bodybuilding supplements store today.
Reviewer: RockHard
The best shake on the market if you are looking to make serious gains to muscle size and strength! Used 4 tubs in about 3 months and put on 10kgs of rock hard muscle!
Reviewer: toniii
I have used this aslong side usn whey gh I have whey first thing in morning one of these two hours later whey before and after workout half of serving of this 1 hour after traing and 1 scoop whey an 2 scoops of this before bed I have been doing this for 6 weeks I have gained 1 stone of pure muscle absolutely no fat in fact I am ripped to shreds 6 weeks ago I was benching 30kg 3 sets of 8 im now benching 90kg 4 sets of 8 also including a warm up set before the strength gains are amazing
Reviewer: GAINS
I never write reviews for anything, but I felt I owed it to this product. The best protein shake on the market, hands down. I've tried numerous shakes out there but none have given me the results this one has. It also tastes better than a chocolate milkshake (only tried the chocolate flavour). A bit pricey but worth every penny!

Have used three tubs already and just buying another one now, and will keep buying them!
Reviewer: duba one
I have been using USN Muscle Fuel for 2 months.It works great and taste great to i have had no problems with it and can see change in size . but it is a bit pricey but seems to work
Reviewer: leopoldas117
i think is a grate product ,i am buying it again,u can feel and see results in first week.
Reviewer: Stehen.J.Robbs
Only just bought the product started it at 74.6 kg and after 5 days im up to 77.8 kg very effective. This is an excellent mass gainer as each muscle group has increase by .5 to an inch. Of course my cardio sessions are intense so i have yet to gain a belly from this.


Do cardio each day and you won't get a belly :)
Reviewer: Rob c
Really funny some comments on here complaining about anything and then the next person is saying he put on 10 pounds a week anyway rant over. Iv been on this for a month and have put on 4 pounds to 6 good muscle and size it mixes very well with water so lift up and drink on!!
Reviewer: TG
Only had 1 and a half scoops this morning "for first time " , leg extension increased from 60 kg too 70 kg ,extraordinary !
Reviewer: keir 24
Best product I have purchased yet !!!!

I have only tasted the Vanilla flavour & it is my fourth favourite drink in honesty haha.

Good points:
Surge of energy.

I can do bicep curls for at least 20 mins longer with minimal effort.

I have gained Just over 1 stone in 1 month

Was 12st now 13.6st

I am looking more bulky and ripped at the same time.

No aching the next day ( amazing recovery )

Gives me air for 30 mins after use
Before use - I could pinch maybe half inch on my belly now I can pinch 2-3 inches :/
Costs quite a bit but non the less price reflects the products efficiency.

Personal Overall rating: 9.8/10
Reviewer: unitedkel
Is expensive. Was using another whey. Wanted to get better muscles tho so bought this. Think I'm getting a bit chubby on belly. Don't feel like I'm training any better but can lift heavier but only been 4 days.
Just started using this again, had a 3 month break from training, had good gains before. Does make your farts fragrant though, but hey, thats the prce you pay for having the body of Adonis!
Reviewer: big naz
It's a very good product. I am benching 80kg now started at 60kg bench its only been a week!
Reviewer: Getting hench
This stuff tastes great put on around 6 pounds since using it ( around a week ) not really noticing strength changes just yet but i seem to be having fuller workouts.
Reviewer: Tommo
been using this product for 4 weeks now, gone through 2 tubs already, however i weighed a mere 12st 11 i now weigh 13st 8. i was benching 70kg for 6 reps i am now benching 95kg for a set of 6. This product is expensive but it does give results! Much better than cyclone and USN Hyperbolic mass.
Reviewer: Squirezo
Been only using this for a week and a half now and I dont know if it's me or just somethings popped up, but i haven't been taking anything else and have been working out the same way. So basically after a week using this I haven't seen any gains in mass yet, (which is understandable after a week) but strangely after a week I have gained a supply of strength. I'm being serious here. Don't know what everyone else thought after a week but... there you go! I'm benching more (put on 5kgs in my benching from optimum weight) lifting more with the dumbbells too. Even better though I've only been using it twice a day (hour before and straight after workout) with only 1 scoop too! Equalling 2 scoops altogether. I take a protein blend at night aswell before sleep too (peptide XTR). Just thinking if I'll go for the full specs as it says on the tub to get the full advantage. (the 3 scoops, 2x a day) so just now all is going good and I am encouraged to keep going ahead with it to see what gains I can seek in months. So I would recommend it for strength gains at the moment but will post on mass gains.
Reviewer: Chris
Not sure what to think, muscles feel harder than normal and I lift a lot heavier but I feel it's also making me fat around the belly.
Reviewer: key
I used usn anabolic muscle fuel for just 2 weeks. I can say this stuff really works, I have noticed muscle size increase and strength. Been having 1 serving daily (3 scoops). mix with water for better results. Bought on sale otherwise too expensive will buy more! Buy it you will not be disappointed.
Reviewer: Stayl
I have been using this stuff for the past 3 months, before taking this stuff i was a very skinny and weak individual that weighed around 10 stone however this product works amazingly i have but on a 2 stone in pure muscle, now everyone thinks i am taking steriods. Im not! but it shows that this product works
Reviewer: Ireland11
I have been using this for around 6months i have increased size so much its literally the best thing iv ever tryed i would reccomend anyone too try it.
Reviewer: mattfrancisExpert
Overall this product will suit no-one's pocket, only a small amount of stomachs and also mess with the mood and temper of the person. This is due to the t- boosters within it and so your strength and power increases. Give this product time, remember its a mass gainer and if you use it more than once a day you will without doubt put on some fat as well and more than likely upset your selves because of overdosing on the RDA. Take in the off season and use only post training that is the time window for it.

You will gain weight even the hard gainer will but chances are you will have finished the tub before noticing much of a difference. Size, weight, strength and power but also three scoops gives you 50g of quality proteins and also carbs and BCAAS and glutamine helping recovery from sessions.

Finally the creatine content is safe but do not take with any other creatine product as that would be too much. If it's too thick or too sweet adjust amount of water you mix it with to desired level. if you do mix with milk it will take longer to absorb and would leave one bloated.

Other products i used combined with this is usn igf giving you 40g protein per serving.

My pump was always around with this and i looked more jacked than when on other stacks. When you stop usuage for a show straight away i lost pounds and was shredded for stage. Don't guzzle it take your time the attention is awesome.
Reviewer: stillalive
I never bought this product from this site, i friend of mine got it for me slightly cheaper however it is the same thing. I have been hyping myself up for gym since last week, today was my first session back, first set, 6 reps in, self esteem shattered. I'm now at home enjoying this piece of heaven, it tastes awesome although i don't feel i have earned it. Will post again to comment on strength and size after a few weeks.
Reviewer: gymbo
Benn using this for little over three months. I was a skinny 72kg and 6ft 2 after spending 8 weeks stripping down for a boxing bout i had. Before MFA i had struggled to put on weight but three months later im 86kg and have put 40kg on my bench press 50kg on my squat and 30kg on deadlift. I decided to taken 3 scoops 3 times a day for a week and twice a day thereafter. Take between meals and post gym for mega results! I stacked with NO Xplode 2.0 for intense session. Its the best product i've ever used. buy it now!
Reviewer: pittbull
I found it a great bulker,the creatine got me too big,so i changed to IGF1 protein,BCAAs,HMB1000s,19Testo Booster and Nitrox NO2 and now ive gone from a bulked 110kg to 95kg in a year
Reviewer: Chewie
Absolutely brilliant, I don't know why there are people that complain about the taste because USN taste so much better than cyclone. Been using this for 1 week and I feel bulkier without the need to go to the loo in the middle of the night(cyclone has this effect on me!).
Reviewer: Cawsy
Been using it for two months and has great effects on energy and recovery! Put on just over half a stone of pure muscle just over 3 weeks!
Reviewer: Thommo
I use USN MFA and have been using it for a few months now and the results are impressive. In just two weeks i noticed a difference, quite expensive but defo worth the money. Better than any other product ive used in the past and ive been experementing with different manufacturers for the last few years. I suggest not buying the vanila though, very sweet and a little hard to keep down, chocolate is the best flavour by far.
Reviewer: Stu DJ
Just got USN Anabolic Muscle fuel today, looked over the formula and it looks tight, cant comment on the results as of yet,

Taste is not too great but, i've had alot worse, lets see how this goes with German Volume Training :D

Reviewer: Rino Sagat
Nothin compares to this, BSN...No, Maximuscle....No....Just the best out there, you'll use it out kinda quick cos of how much you're supposed to take but the results speak for themselves
Reviewer: jack
the taste is disgusting in my opinion i cant stand the taste, but you just gotta be a man and get it down you! saying that once you man up and drink it its defo worth the money, works great for bulking, wouldnt recommend vanilla flavour as its very sickly

I take these shakes twice per day and intend on stockin up on even more soon
Reviewer: big Liam
had it a few days taste is loverly mixs well can't really say anything about gains from it as of yet but can only wait and see. a don't have the the 150g as they say coz it would be gone at the drop of a hat but apart from all that thumbs up so far
Reviewer: stevie
i think if you want to cut up this product aint for you but to on mass it is great.......expensive though!!!!

Reviewer: body builder
this is a good product people giving bad reviews have you ever thought it might be your work out that isnt working :)
Reviewer: teapot
i am a quarter of the way through my first tub, and have been highly suprised and delighted with the results, however i have just broken my elbow and can not do any upper body workouts. i will now just be doing cardio, and leg weights for the next 6-8 weeks but dont know whether its still worth taking the product to maintain mass? i know this is a review poll but am lost on what to do lol, if anyones got any opinions or answers it will be much appreciated cheers
Reviewer: HAZ T
This seems like a good product to me, i have put more weight on the bar over the month that i have been using it plus 1.5kgs in 'clean weight' on myself. I have used this product alongside a whey protein supplement. I have not been taking the recommended amount but rather two shakes per day consisting of two scoops.
Reviewer: Smithlar
Been using this product for 5 days now and can already see an increase in size and strength. Using the recommended 3 times a day with 2 scoops in each seems to be doing well and the taste is really good, chocolate cream. Would highly recommend this product to anyone starting as a beginner as I am already seeing results from this, a good diet and intense workout.
Reviewer: fr33zcz
It's a very good stuff, however as you know creatine temporarily increases your muscle using water. This extra water is obviously why your weight temporarily increases. I am convinced there is only little or no long-term benefit of using this product. It can, however, do precisely what it claims on the tub - get you through your plateau. I wouldn't recommend this product for regular use. It is excellent if you know it is what you need now.
Reviewer: BPeirce
Put on kgs in 3weeks. pretty expensive tho and doesnt taste that nice
Reviewer: Fat boy bill
After taking for 3 weeks people have started telling me I either look massive or they ask me if I have lost weight! Either is good for me as I was previously a bit fat with no noticeable muscle size. As I was already quite big I only take 1 shake a day. Can definitely feel strength gain I've put an extra 20kgs on the bar in 3 weeks. All in all gotta say I'm very pleased with it. Not gona bother with any other stuff.
Reviewer: Maclee
I Purchased this product after great skepticism, having had a not so good experience with supplements in the past. I must say that i am now a believer in this product. I have been using it for little over a month now (I workout 6 days a week. I.e: 3 days of cardio combined with 3 days of weight training). I weigh about 97 Kg's, I take one scoop with water approximately 1/2 hour before my workout(I avoid consumtion on the days that I do not workout). I must say that the results have been highly encouraging (I have seen resullts like never before, which have been noticed by frinds and family alike). I would like highly recommend this product to all interested in gaining quality muscle.
Reviewer: Diesel X
Was taking this stuff a couple of years ago and by the end of the second tub, I was shocked to see that something (along with hard work) was at long last helping to increase my size. Never been use to seeing larger arms and shoulders on me, so much so that I felt a bit freaked-out but in a good way. I'm not talking massive amounts, but with my rock solid metabolism I didn't think I would any size gain. However the job changed and the workouts came to a stop for a while, so it's back to square one again for me now, but if I carried on at the time.....

Anyway, shall be starting again soon (from square-one!) and will be going back on this stuff. Also, the more the price reduces for this, the more I'll stick with it and use the full dose recommended. Good stuff.
Reviewer: martsta
wicked stuff,iv put on nearly 3 stone since i started taking this.iv tried loads of weight gainers and this is the one for me.with alot of hard work this is the perfect training partner without a doubt,if your looking to gain weight!!!!
Reviewer: ozz
just bought this today after a guy in the gym said he put on over two stone using this stuff and couldnt rep it enough!! had two shakes, my girlfriend is going crazy over the smell coming out my back end haha. but i cant complain with these reviews hope all goes well looking forward to big gains
Reviewer: Sparky
Good taste, mixes okay and fantastic results! Gained more weight on this than any other supplement I've ever used.
Reviewer: big g
This is crap. I am 6'8", weigh 300 pounds and this made me lose 15 lbs.
Reviewer: rydo
This stuff is awesome! I take 3 scoops of phd whey every day, 2 scoops of Usn before workout and 3 immediately after only on training days! Put on a stone of muscle in 6 weeks!
Reviewer: turbo_shane
GREAT PRODUCT!! ~ Since taking usn anabolic ive really have noticed weight increase, muscle size and genuinely bulking up fast! Use to be on maximuscle cyclone, it was "ok" but this is amazing. As long as you eat well and train hard, usn muscle fuel anabolic will be perfect for anyone who wants to gain mass. Best all in one shake. 10/10 for results. Recommended :)
Reviewer: Callum
I bought this stuff bout 3-4 weeks ago. Im 6ft2 and strungle to put on weight. NOT any more!! This stuff is immense! You look all over the internet thinking "what could i use, will it work etc etc" If your looking to tone up i wouldnt say this is the product to use (you do burn fat but thats not the main objective for this product) but if youre looking to pack it on and feel stronger in training sessions, then get this 10/10 and will continue to use this for the rst of this year none stop and will look back at this and think "i had no idea just how good this was until now" BUY IT!
Reviewer: rockyags
Just started using this and not aching from workouts hope to see results soon - btw is it best to take twice a day or just once a day? (I'm 80kg and 5'5'')
Reviewer: Skinny
Tried many mass gainers e.g critical mass, cyclone, one stop. ALL RUBBISH weighed 13stone and im 6'2 good lifter for my weight. In two months i have put a stone on and gone from 40kg dumbells 6 reps flat bench to 45kgdbs 8reps(2 assisted) in that time. P.s i only took 1 shake a day cos this stuff costs loads but is worth it
Reviewer: martsta
wicked stuff,best gainer iv ever used.iv noticed results in a matter of weeks!
Reviewer: D K
This is the best all in one supplement you can get. It's not for getting ripped though it helps you with gaining bulk and size in your muscles although if you want to get ripped simply take this instead of a meal as it is a MRP(meal replacement) and you can also eat a meal with this which is basically u having 2 meals at once hence you get very big very quick. Optimum nutrition has the best alternative in there PRO COMPLEX AND PRO COMPLEX GAINER but I'd recommend USN as it taste very good it has the most complete mixture for beggingers and after 5 days of taking 2 times a day you can go down to 1 time a day(if under 80kg) hence very good on your wallet if your small. Im 5ft8 and weigh 72kg so its perfect each serving has 100g of protein. Compare that to anything else and they just dont match that maximum is round 60g of protein but downside is they have more percentage of cheaper proteins. BSN Syntha 6 is probably the best for high quality protein and has the best serving ratio at around 40 serving per 2kg tub.
Reviewer: rodrigez
This stuff made me so ill I couldn't breathe and I'm in the strongest man AMA series.
Reviewer: Usman
I have been taking this product for many months and can really see and feel the difference! Would strongly recomend!

Only downside is all of my body grew and I look huge, however its not too friendly on my male organs, I have noticed a decrease in size and most oftenly I have an erection!

Other that that I'm pumping well over a 100 on my chest and i weigh 83.4kg
Reviewer: Nomi
This product is amazing I am 6ft 7 and 300 pounds of pure muscle.
Reviewer: Mr Shazam
At first i was worried about the name " Anabolic " But soon found that it's nothing to worry about at all and the results i've seen are nothing short of shocking...Alway's been skinny and wanted to change, Cyclone from Maximuscle isn't anywhere near the quality this is and it didn't help me gain hardly any muscle even with a good diet so i literlly found this product by chance and after a couple of day's BELEIVE IT OR NOT i could see a differnce in my strength and muscle endurance so if your in MMA like me then Muscle Fuel Anabolic will be your best friend.

So to conclude....It's the best thing on the market right now and i strongly encorouge you to purchase this, you will not and i repeat " NOT " be let down.

Reviewer: Big Phil
this stuff is absoloutley awsome the buzz you get after drinking it is imense!! i was only curling 30's before i started taking this now i am curling 48's! Get this, its good !!!
Reviewer: roider
amazing supp
Reviewer: Big W and James
this stuff is awesome, i have been taking this for a month and already can see a massive difference!! Lost most my fat and have a six pack on the way, I can now bench press 185kg for six reps where as before i could only do 140kg. This is rare stuff get it!!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: WCG
I have been using this product for over a year now & my results are tremendous!! I train 4 times a week & compared to this time last year i am huge;-)i have seen a huge difference in strength & size & the confidence that gives you its all well worth it;-) i will buy nothing else USN MUSCLE FUEL IS THE WAY FORWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: Kal-Sang
Ignore those reviewers saying this stuff hasn't worked for them. I've been using it regularly for a couple of months now and it's the business. It definitely more powerful than a plain weight gainer as my bathroom scales can testify! :)
Reviewer: crypto
hi all i have tried this product and i must stress this is the best all in one product you can ever get..i have used it with full fat milk and the gains where brill i have started taking it with water now cause my size is bigger than when i started at 10st 7lbs i am now 12st 11lb and lift almost twice my body.

**note if using this product do not lift light weights as it will be just a waste***

attack the weights.

Reviewer: Saver
Cost too damn much!! :(
Reviewer: Joe C
This is the first protein shake I have tried but bought it because I'm serious about making my workout routines worth it. Bought three 4kg tubs for £140, not bad. I'm skeptical about the serving sizes, for one, as another guy has written on this wall, your body can't absorb all the protein in the serving and that amount of creatine can't be great for you. I'll stick to half servings with milk I think. It will last longer and be cheaper.
Reviewer: Jay
This product is the best tasting supplement i have had in years, I have tried Reflex, Maximuscle Cyclone, Garnell Nutrition AS One and many more! I use the Chocolate Cream flavour, it is great, blends great, fills you up and gives a good pump after a solid workout! Did notice a few more stinky farts! But I like winding the wife up so hey ho!
Reviewer: nozza
usn is brilliant, ive been traing for 15 years now and have tried all brands phd is the worst ive come across absolutly rubbish, reflex is the leeding brand and is very effective just as good as usn but lets face it reflex tastes like crap, usn tastes just as good as phd apart from the chocolate, straberry is bar farn the best, mixes up very easyily with water,or milk even had it 50 50 mix, i have promoted this suppliment in my gym as im a pti instructor and the gods onest truth is, all the guys in my gym which has over 2000 members (male) are takeing this suppliment and have scraped what they have previously been takeing.....get ya self on some its worth a try you will not be dissapointed
Reviewer: Bob
I bought this product last week, used it 4 times and noticed a very good pump post workout. However I'm a big lad over 17 stone in weight, I don't have a cut look but I have more of a rugby type body (big and solid). However if you are like me keep clear of it. As I noticed my body type on rest days was becoming slack and I just think its not for me. But if your a lean bloke wanting to get big then I would say go for it.. but it's the type of supplement that you have to keep taking the product constantly to see the effect. Plus I might add there is no way your body can absorb 50 grams of protein for a recommended serving! Plus your protein intake from your food? Rant over.
Reviewer: SHO
anabolic muscle by far the best all in one can actaly lift more weight than shoulders are as round and bulky..after takin this..makes you increase size with out a doubt..A****
Reviewer: jay jay
I was a Really skinny guy, i've been training hard 4 to 5 times a week in the gym, i'm on my 8th Tub, and i must say i'm HUGE, i gained so much Mass, in the past 5 months and so much more confident with the girls!!
Reviewer: joshyy
i have been taking this product for 3 days now and have noticed that the product has given me more strenght through out sets and mainly in the last two reps of each set, previously i took hyperbolic mass and saw no improvement however i feel that the amount of creatine in this product will enevitably increase strenght and speed up recovery, just feel that the price is steep considering how quick a tub goes if you take the recomended amount, however so far it seems to be working for me
Reviewer: Scott
I would not reccomend it, gave me very very bad stomach cramps and bad gas. As soon as i stopped using it they both went away. As in muscle mass though... none. None atall. I would reccomend PHD much better product.
Reviewer: wally
I have been useing muscle fuel for just over a week. my strentgh improved straight away so muscle growth should follow if correct resistence program is worked. The createin in this product will insure short term improvement in strentgh, the low g.i carbs will fuel cardio work outs and the good quality protein will help with muscle growth. The high calorie content should help hard gainers although a good diet is very important to avoid un wanted body fat. This is a good product but it is`nt a mircle solution, it most definatley needs to be backed up with lots of work!!
Reviewer: steve
I found this a brilliant product, definite increase in size, however only concern was it's creatine content, i'm not sure how healthy and good creatine is for my body and i dread to think of the possible side-effects
Reviewer: slow
all through the time i was using UMFA,noticed tremendous strenth,muscle and body mass gain,and am a hard gainer. so,to that there is out there.
Reviewer: toenail joe
I have only started this today and so far I noticed it's fairly filling and tastes great. So far so good, so I hope to see some results soon.
Reviewer: Gabe
hey jus got my first tub of this product, i was using using cyclone and pro max before, this product felt amazing from the first intake! have doubled it up with sum usn SG1 which is a high quality protien. these two taged together will be a killer mix! after 1 week i feel this is easier to hold down and less bulky inside then the cyclone. gym workouts have felt the same as the cyclone with better recuvery. no big change in size as yet! lets hope i dont have to use to many tubs before i achive hero status!
Reviewer: crpyto
The taste is not great. Will also try this product with semi skimmed milk for extra bulk.
Reviewer: Roskill99
Week No.4 The Product works.

I can see difference in my body, more specific, in Hands (No so big) chest(Big), legs (Big),back(Very big)... Im not sure if its the product or my diet or a combination of both but i reduced my body fat. The performance is going Up. No disadvantages etc. Eat well train hard sleep enough and lets beg USN to give us a better price.
Reviewer: roskill99
After 4 months off from gym, i started before one week exactly.. I bought this staff just to try my luck as i don't really need it because i have very good diet, but i want something more... No lies, i got it, i went to the gym and my performance was quite the same with 4 months before, we all of us know that after four months off you are not the same, with this product i lifted the quite same KGs with before. No i Wanna see what will happen, Disadvantages: I dont like the Vanilla taste its like a baby cream, and i got the 4 kg and i thought that will last more... but as i see i will have to buy a new one in 2 weeks... That means that is expensive...
Reviewer: Anton
Good product, first i've used. Noticed the effects pretty quick, less pain after gym sessions and you can last longer in the gym following weight circuits.
Reviewer: Allanf
This is the second time I've used this product. I'ts easily the best all in one product I've tried.It makes me feel much stronger and lift more.I've tried reflex one stop and cyclone, but this is a different class.Watch out for an increased sex drive and temper!!
Reviewer: Adam H
This is the sh*t. end of.
Reviewer: Pal
I've been usig this product for 3 weeks, and I can see massive changes. I go to gym 5-6 times a week, and it also helps the muscle regenerating. I combine it with L-carnitine, which is also good for that purpose, and burns fat as well. This is the first suppliment I've ever used, but I think it will be the ultimate.
Reviewer: Adam C
I have been taking this product for a few weeks now. From day one of taking it, I felt I was able to push myself a lot harder during workouts lifting heavier weights. This product does not last long, but it has everything you need, it is the perfect mass-building stack all within one product. I have been bodybuilding for a few years now, trying many products, muscle fuel anabolic has to be the best product I have used so far.
Reviewer: Coach
Great Shake - I weighed less than 60kgs before taking this shake - I was recommended to take half the suggested dosage for the first 10 days and then move up to a full servings. I had the 4kg tub which has a total of 38 servings - I stuck to one serving per day (hence it lasted me over 38 days - due to the half serving I took) - I must say I have seen a difference in my physique and I work harder in the gym - I mix the shake in a blender for best results and I love the taste!

I now weigh 69kgs after 3 months taking this shake and can bench 105kgs - which is really good for someone who couldn't bench more than 60kgs at one stage!

I must say I recommend that you up your training whilst on this shake - or it will be a waste of time drinking it!
For optimum results a balanced diet, this shake and regular training/exercise - and most important of all - rest for recovery and growth!
Reviewer: just squat
iv just started on it i bought strawbury and it tasts like cr*p but have heard it works realy well so just swig it and it will be alright....
Reviewer: Aboo
This can upset the stomach & gives you stinking farts however it does make you look big if you take it alongside a good diet & training programme. The chocolate is the easiest to mix. My main problem with this product is it doesnt last very long
Reviewer: arnie!!
great stuff but this lasted me only 13days taking only TWO!! shakes a day i think its a god damn rip off!
Reviewer: calcal
i used this product for a month and at first it gave me great results i put on on a bout 10 lbs in about a week an i have a really hard time putting on weight so it was very good but after that i didnt get anymore increase in weight for the remainder 3 weeks i was taking it, it was like i hit a wall, also it gave me a bad stamoach (wasnt plesent lol)i've havnt been taking it now for the past 3 months and i have returned to my weight i was before i was taking it so it is not permanent hope this helps for anyone considering trying it.
Reviewer: Mike
This is the Boll**ks!!! I've been taking this twice a day for 5 days as reccomended and I've already put on 6lbs and can see some great muscle increase. I've still got a few weeks supply left so can't wait to put on even more weight.
Reviewer: mouse
i have just bought a tub of usn muscle fuel anabolic today 15/05 /2010. and was told this realy does work ,whatch this space as ile let you know how i get on , .
Reviewer: Superjock
Muscle fuel anabolic really works, In the past I've tried cyclone and other muscle builders but this is the real deal and it tastes awesome which is a bonus. John cena rules!!
Reviewer: Ky F
Just started using the product, Vanilla flavour tastes good and mixes well with water. I found it easy to hold down and after a few days no negative side effects. Not put on any weight as of yet but will endevour to keep on using. Unfortunatly i didnt see the 'do not mix with other creatine product' warning, and have mixed with USN X4 tablets. However, too much creatine is not really a negative thing unless it causes side effects which it hasnt. so far so good!
Reviewer: Muscleboy
Very good product as MRP, aswell as giving all that you need after a workout.
Have seen definate results in MASS from 3 weeks use.
Only thing that I did realize, dont know if its only me, but I experienced a bit of a 'upset tummy' whilst using it...
Reviewer: Ian B
Does'nt mix that well in a shaker but i really dont care as this really works. The best i have tried in a long while and i have put on size everywhere. May seem a bit pricy but i really would give this a whirl as you will soon find out that it is worth it.
Reviewer: mass-builder
Great value and does get results. I have been on Cyclone for years tried Sc-Mx but this is the best. Most recommended for gains & value.
Reviewer: bill
i loves it i do's
Reviewer: what_them_girls_like
THIS IS THE BEST STUFF EVER!!!! I was not a big guy, and a one month session of this made me huge, I also lost fat, and am much stronger!! All the girls are coming for me now, I score all the time!!!
Reviewer: Smiler
Been using this for a week, my friend has had it for three weeks, he def put size on, and he is happy with results. My self have felt a slight gain in the past week, would recomend this product to any one.
Reviewer: J.M
I have been using USN Muscle Fuel for 2 months. It hardens muscles and gives 4% MASS increase in about 2 months. CHOC is the best.It's better than Muscle science Anabolic, which cost about 50 dollars more. It contains BCAAs.It also increases your sex drive.
Reviewer: Diaan
This stuff does what it say on the label, providing you follow a good diet of course.It's pound for pound the cheapest way to spend you're money if you take into consideration all the extra's that come with it.If you had to buy everything seperately you would have to rob a bank.I would recommend it to anyone.Just so you now the strawberry tastes awfull!!Choc and Vanilla not bad at all.
Reviewer: dal
on my third tub of usn anabolic,a mate of mine hadnt seen me for a month and see me the other day in the gym and said i look hench!! after 1 week i gained 11 lbs in mass,buy this product,you wont look back.
Reviewer: slickstu
Hi i used USN Anabolic Muscle Fuel for for the past 16 weeks. I can say with hand on my heart this is by far the best mass Muscle Gain product i have ever used.
And i have used the lot like Max Muscle cyclone and 100% whey.
And this is bay far the best for MASS.
The choc is the best taste for me but all of then taste very good.
Reviewer: jj
I have been using this consistently through 3 tubs, combined with a meal replacement and weight loss supplements programme and daily gym regime to build up.
I am bigger in the arms, legs and shoulders and have lost fat from shoulders, back and stomach.
This product tastes good, vanilla, and financially is cost effective, for someone like me who is determined, but relatively new to the scene, its a stack in a box!
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